Improved Battery Life,
Easier Steering Lead Extensive Enhancements to 2005 SoloRider

CENTENNIAL, CO (Dec. 14, 2004) - Improved battery life and easier steering are among a long list of enhancements that reinforce SoloRider's reputation as the industry's best performing, most comfortable single-rider golf car. The 2005 model year SoloRider will be introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 27-30, in Orlando, FL.

By increasing amperage from 130 to 180 in the car's three 12-volt, deep-cycle batteries, SoloRider also increased the number of holes the car can go without recharging to at least 36 and often as many as 45, depending on course conditions.

An engineering change in the steering mechanism has reduced torque and made SoloRider 40 percent easier to handle, especially for players who may have suffered a stroke and have the use of only one hand.

In addition to improved steering and increased battery power, SoloRider also has changed the programming of the internal controller to slow the car's acceleration. With a slower ramp-up speed, golfers feel more secure and chances are reduced that the car's tires might slip. Other changes for the 2005 model year SoloRider include lengthening the tiller steering column to bring it closer to the golfer and modifying the car's patented stand-up, electronic seat to make it more comfortable and easier for golfers to play their shots while seated.

"These enhancements to the car reflect our ongoing commitment to make SoloRider the industry's best-performing, most comfortable and stable single-rider golf car," said Roger Pretekin, founder and president of the Centennial, CO-based company. "Many of these changes have been in development for more than a year and were made as a result of customer feedback."

Based on the extensive enhancements to the car, SoloRider has extended its warranty to cover the powertrain for three years and the frame for five years.

Established in 1991, Centennial, CO-based SoloRider Management LLC manufactures and distributes the industry's leading single-rider golf car. SoloRider is the only single-rider golf car that meets or exceeds the safety, performance, stability, speed and suspension standards of conventional golf cars. In 2002 SoloRider received the prestigious da Vinci Award from the Engineering Society of Detroit in recognition of innovations that empowered all people, regardless of physical ability. SoloRider was purchased in 2004 by Monroe Berkman, an avid golfer, polio survivor and longtime user of the SoloRider golf car.